Global Video
Tech Meetup

May 27th 2021, across 20 amazing communities, watch live online for free

About us

In 2020, the Video Technology Meetup community came together to organise an amazing 24 hour live stream of meetups from around the globe.

On Thursday, May 27th, 2021 we're coming together again to repeat that feat, traveling from Auckland to Seattle, with talks from 20 amazing Video Technology communities!

All events will be live streamed on the Demuxed Twitch channel. Have a talk you want to give? Want to get involved? Get in touch!

20 video tech meetups, 24 hours, 1 amazing event 20 video tech meetups, 24 hours, 1 amazing event

Schedule 27th May 2021

  • Auckland Video 6:30pm local

    Round Table: The challenges and opportunities of the COVID landscape for NZ Video services

    Matt Orange (Spark Sport), Melanie Starling (Sky Neon), Lucy Hoult (TVNZ), Richard Beniston (Discovery)

  • Melbourne Video Technology 6:00pm local

    Mandy Scott (Fastly)

    Forensic Watermarking at the Edge

    Kevin Staunton-Lambert (StreamShark)

    DIY Webcams: Short history of webcams and how to roll your own

  • Sydney Video Technology 7:00pm local

    Phil Cluff (Mux)

    The new HLS content steering specification

    Ray Tiley (Tightrope Media Systems)

    Lessons learned capturing screens in the browser

  • Tokyo Video Tech 7:00pm local

    Yusuke Goto (AbemaTV, Inc.)

    SRE - Streaming Reliability Engineering, to keep delivering new value in media to people with no concern.

  • Taipei Video Technology 7:00pm local

    Ray Wang (AWS)

    ML + IoT to enhance the sports viewer experience

    Derek Shih (KKStream)

    Create flexible player module with plugin based architecture


    Application of MediaConvert QVBR

  • Video Tech TLV 5:00pm local

    Speakers coming soon!

  • BCN Video Tech 5:00pm local

    Yeray Alfageme (Eurovision Services)

    From On-premise Encoding to Cloud: Taking Advantage of Managed Services

    Ryan Jespersen (Millicast)

    Interactive Real-Time Streaming with WebRTC and AV1 SVC

  • Paris Video Tech 6:00pm local

    Daniel Hoelbling-Inzko (Bitmovin)

    Why Time Series Databases are a bad fit for video analytics time series data

    Phil Harrison and Raphaël Goldwaser (AWS)

    Relinearize your VOD assets

  • Berlin Video Tech 7:00pm local

    Daniel Silhavy (Fraunhofer FOKUS)

    dash.js - A story of a streaming lifetime

    Werner Robitza, Alexander Dethof (AVEQ)

    How to monitor a streaming service – what could possibly go wrong?

  • Milan Video Tech 8:00pm local

    Behnam Kakavand (Evolution)

    C the future, or WebAssembly as means for web playback

    Andrea Fassina (

    How does a video DRM system work?

    Luca Moglia (Akamai)

    Video Monitoring Dashboards with near real-time Edge Logs and CMCD KPIs

    Alexey Malikov (Elecard)

    Metrics and key indicators of faults and malfunctions in OTT IPTV media content delivery

  • London Video Tech 8:00pm local

    Pieter-Jan Speelmans (THEO)

    There and back again: Implementing player support for LL-HLS

    Olof Lindman (SVT)

    Transcoding with Encore - Ensuring concurrent quality, stability and performance in SVT’s VoD pipeline

  • Video Tech Meetup Organisers round table chat 8pm UTC

  • MonteVIDEO Tech Meetup 6:00pm local

    Chris Uehlinger (TechSlice)

    Steylevision: relatime style transfer with WebRTC, Pion, FFmpeg and Tensorflow

    Zoe Liu (Visionular)

    Video transcoding facilitated by intelligent video analysis and enhancement

  • Kitchener-Waterloo Video Technology 6:00pm local

    Colin Biggin

    iOS application development with WebRTC

  • Video Tech NYC 7:00pm local

    Rob Walch (JW Player)

    State of HLS.js

    Ronald Bultje (Two Orioles)

    Performance Optimizations in dav1d

    Nick Krzemienski (fuboTV)

    HLS & DASH Multi Codec Encoding & Packaging

  • BOS Video Technology 8:00pm local

    Bo Zhang (Brightcove)

    The Performance of LL-HLS and LL-DASH Streaming Players

    Thiago Teixeira and Yuriy Reznik (Brightcove)

    Streaming Playback Statistics Dataset

  • Denver Video Technology 6:00pm local

    Doug Bay (Sinclair Digital)

    Alex Giladi (Comcast)

  • SF Video Technology 7:00pm local

    Jordi Cenzano (Facebook)

    Live distributed encoding proof of concept based on AWS Lambdas

    Derek Buitenhuis (Vimeo)

    Colorspaces: Useful For More Than Color?

  • Portland Video Technology 8:00pm local

    Evan Statton (AWS)

    Broadcast in the Cloud

    Will Law (Akamai)

    Common Media Client Data

  • Seattle Video Technology 9:00pm local

    Speakers coming soon!